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Оформление "Страницы отеля"

Production of "Web-Page Hotel"

Contents page of your hotel you can absolutely FREE on their own. 
To your hotel web-page work for your image and perform simple role of a "Business Card" You need to fill in 5 sections: Business card, Description, Photo, Video & Map. 
In order for to make an online booking module and start page of your hotel to bring you the real Clients to fill another 3 sections: Rooms, Rates and Connection.

Below the hotel management module

As hotels page look like you can see on the example test Hotel Fantasia or look real hotels in the "Catalogue of Hotels"

If you do not have time to clearance of your page, or you do not want delve, you can take the help of our experts, who in a short time and for a small fee will make it for you. It's enough to provide us with a source of information and to pay the "Order on the Production of the Hotels Web-page".


The order for the production of the Hotel's web page

Choose one of the options we provide information and submit payment.

1 option. Order On-line

   1.1. Write the exact name of the hotel 
   1.2. Write the full address of the hotel 
   1.3. Enter the coordinates of the hotel on the map X Y
   1.4. Enter the Web site from which you can take information about the hotel 
   1.5. Enter to connect your E-mail  and your name 
 2 Option. Order by E-mail

Send us E-mail: [email protected] marked "Order on the Production of the Hotels Web-page" the following information about your hotel:
- the name and address your hotel
- description of the hotel
- hotel photos
- Video about the hotel (subject to availability)
- the position of the hotel on the map (coordinates)
- room types and prices on them

COST of Production of the Hotels Web-page our experts on the 2 languages (English and Russian) is 50 USD

Paying for your order, you agree to the "Contract-Offer on the Production of the Hotel's Web-page"

Payment by credit card Visa or MasterCard
Visa card  Master Card


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